Growing Bacteria Kit


  • Our most popular kit from Steve Spangler 
  • Includes easy-to-make nutrient agar
  • Step-by-step scientific method Activity Guide
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You Can Smell a Good Science Fair Project a Block Away…

Learn about germs and where they can be found!

Creating an all-inclusive science fair kit can be difficult. The project has to be simple enough for young scientists to grasp, but the experiment also needs the ability to be taken further. That’s what we’ve accomplished with the Bacteria Growing Kit. It’s no wonder this kit is hugely popular with science savvy parents everywhere!

It begins with the easy-to-make nutrient agar

This is the same nutrient agar used by microbiologists to grow really funky stuff in the lab. Everything you need to prepare and store the bacteria is right in the kit: cotton swabs, petri dishes, and a microwave-safe plastic beaker. All that’s left to do is design your experiment. Don’t worry, we’ll help you out there, too.

What Does It Teach?

This kit allows young students to observe bacteria growing in a petri dish and offers ways for older students to explore bacteria growth further. It helps young scientists develop an understanding of the scientific method while learning some awesome (and disgusting) science. The hands-on method, activity guide, and some gross science is all your child needs to get a kick out of the science fair.


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